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1.1 The Riversands I-Hub is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that the collection, handling and processing of personal information via the Website, email and/or any other channels is safeguarded in compliance with the applicable legislation.

2.1 This Privacy Policy must be read together with the Riversands I-Hub Website Terms and Conditions

3.1 “Personal Information” means information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person and where it is applicable, and identifiable, existing juristic person, including all information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013. This includes but is not limited to your name, identity number, identity document, physical and postal addresses, telephone number, email address, company and financial information.
3.2 “Processing” means the creation, generation, communication, use, storage, amendment and destruction of personal information as more fully defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.
3.3 “Riversands I-Hub” means the Riversands Incubation Hub.
3.4 “Service Provider/s” means any entity / juristic person or natural person that assists the Riversands I-Hub with the provision of services and/or support.
3.5 “You” or the “User” means any person who accesses this Website for any purpose whatsoever.
3.6 “Website” means the Website of the Riversands I-Hub at URL – and or such other URL as the Riversands I-Hub may choose from time to time.

4.1 By providing your personal information to the Riversands I-Hub, in any manner whatsoever including but not limited to the provision of personal information via the Website, email and/or any other channels, you acknowledge that it has been collected directly from you and you consent to its collection, handling and processing by the Riversands I-Hub in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
4.2 Where personal information has been provided by you to the Riversands I-Hub, the following principles are observed in the processing of that information:
4.2.1 The Riversands I-Hub will only collect, handle and process personal information for a purpose consistent with the purpose for which it is required. The specific purpose for which information is collected will be apparent from the context in which it is requested.
4.2.2 The Riversands I-Hub will only process personal information in a manner that is adequate, relevant and not excessive in the context of the purpose for which it is processed.
4.2.3 The Riversands I-Hub will not disclose any personal information relating to you to any third party unless your prior written consent is obtained or the Riversands I-Hub is required to do so by law.
4.2.4 The Riversands I-Hub will retain personal information as long as it remains necessary or relevant for the purposes for which it was collected or as required by law.

5.1 The Riversands I-Hub will collect, handle and process personal information received for various purposes, including but not limited to the following:
5.1.1 To process applications for premises, programmes and funding at the Riversands I-Hub.
5.1.2 To provide further information about the Riversands I-Hub where requested and for subscribers to the Riversands I-Hub newsletter.
5.1.3 To provide access to the resources, services and support at the Riversands I-Hub.

6.1 Access to personal information held by the Riversands I-Hub may also be requested by third parties. The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 regulates and sets out the procedure for such a request and the circumstances where such a request can be refused. Please refer to the Riversands I-Hub PAIA Manual

7.1 The Riversands I-Hub may use standard technology to collect information about the use of the Website. This technology is not able to identify individual users but simply allows the Riversands I-Hub to collect statistics.
7.2 The Riversands I-Hub utilises temporary or session cookies to keep track of the browsing habits of users. A cookie is a small file that is placed on your hard drive in order to keep a record of your interaction with this website and facilitate user convenience.
7.3 Cookies by themselves will not be used to identify users personally but may be used to compile identified statistics relating to use of services offered or to provide the Riversands I-Hub with feedback on the performance of this website.
7.4 The following classes of information may be collected in respect of users who have enabled cookies:
7.4.1 The browser software used;
7.4.2 IP address;
7.4.3 Date and time of activities while visiting the website;
7.4.4 URLs of internal pages visited; and
7.4.5 Referrers.
7.5 If you do not wish cookies to be utilised to customise your interaction with the Website, you can alter the manner in which your browser handles cookies. You can also choose to accept or reject the use of cookies by making a selection on the pop-up notice that will appear on the Website. Please note that if you reject the use of cookies, certain services on the Website may not be available or may not function correctly.

8.1 The Riversands I-Hub has no control over and accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the privacy practices of any third party websites to which hyperlinks may have been provided in the Website and the Riversands I-Hub recommends that you review the privacy policy of any website that you visit before using it further or submitting any personal information.

9.1 The Riversands I-Hub operates social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.
9.2 The Riversands I-Hub monitors the comments and posts made in response to information posted by the Riversands I-Hub on these sites; however information, including personal information is not collected and processed by the Riversands I-Hub from these social media accounts.
9.3 The general public can access and read any information posted on these sites. The Riversands I-Hub is not liable and/or responsible for and does not endorse any information posted on these sites by third parties.
9.4 When you engage with the Riversands I-Hub through social media, any information that you post on these sites, including personal information may be processed by third parties including the site owners of the social media accounts. The Riversands I-Hub has no control over this and accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever in this regard and your use of these social media accounts is entirely at your own risk.

10.1 The Riversands I-Hub will ensure that its employees and Service Providers are aware of their responsibilities regarding the protection of personal information in terms of the applicable legislation. Employees and Service Providers are also bound by confidentiality and the associated procedures, policies and practices at the Riversands I-Hub.
10.2 The Riversands I-Hub will process your personal information in a lawful and
reasonable manner.

10.3 The Riversands I-Hub will update your personal information when you inform us of
any changes.
10.4 The Riversands I-Hub will delete your personal information when you request us to do so; however this may result in the termination of services to you, where the personal information is required to give effect to those services.

11.1 The Riversands I-Hub will implement the necessary and reasonable safety and security measures to protect and secure personal information provided to us and prevent access, damage, destruction and/or loss to your personal information from unauthorised third parties.
11.2 The Riversands I-Hub expressly disclaims all liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever that may occur by the submission of personal information to us via the Website, email and/or any other channels as a result of unlawful access, alteration, interception, misuse and/or theft of personal information by any unauthorised third parties.

12.1 Version 3 – effective date 16 February 2022.
12.2 This Privacy Policy may be reviewed and updated periodically and the latest version will be published on the Website with the effective date and this will replace all earlier versions.

13.1 The Riversands I-Hub contact details for any purposes related to this Privacy Policy are:
Telephone: (011) 012 4600 Email: