Thrive Fund
Thrive Fund

The Riversands Thrive Fund™

When entrepreneurs have access to the right kind of financing, they have the potential to truly thrive.

The Riversands Thrive Fund ™, founded in collaboration with private sector partners, provides high-performance entrepreneurs with affordable debt finance. 

Interest free loans

We provide non-interest-bearing loans; this substantially reduces the cost of borrowing and allows your organisation to maximise profitability.

Flexible repayment terms

Our loans are payable from 45 days up to 18 months, but many factors determine the best repayment period for your business. Work with our dedicated service team to beneficially assess your needs and structure repayments.

Quick turnarounds

We will give you a progress update on your application within 72 hours after all supporting documents have been submitted. 

Diverse product offering

We have a number of product offerings specifically tailored to meet the needs of fast-growing, performance orientated and sustainable SME’s.


The Riversands Thrive Fund ™ team has a breadth of experience across financial and entrepreneurial business development, enabling us to tailor our services to your needs and challenges.

Thrive Fund

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Complete the application form if you meet the funding criteria, and we will get back to you with more information.

I applied. What's next?

We will review your application within 72 hours of submission. Review the description of what happens after submitting your application on our process page.

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